Your Bio Is Your Best Business Asset.
Your bio is the biggest jewel you have in your marketing crown, creating an instant connection with the people who need you. It's a way to promote yourself in a way that connects readers through power of your personal story. 

But, writing about yourself is tough. It's a fine line to walk between giving too much information and not enough. If you over-hype yourself, you're perceived as arrogant. If you undermine your accomplishments, you're hiding your brilliance and people won't be drawn to you.  

How do you balance sharing who you are without that icky, conceited feeling?

Meet Christina Lawrence, The Bio Writer for Business Owners

Christina Lawrence is an empathic, intuitive storyteller. As The Bio Writer for Business Owners, she is proud to illuminate your expertise through the power of your story. Each biography Christina crafts is an intimate journey into your unique brilliance. Both clients and friends have described her as “magic” and a “seer of stories”. When not sharpening her storytelling skills, she satisfies her curiosity by reading and learning about self-help and spirituality.

Joyful Bio Clients
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“Christina is a writer who specializes in creating beautiful, long form bios. I have deep respect for her vision and how she genuinely serves her clients. I’m grateful for her perspective on my life. If you’re looking for a bio, she’s the pro to do it for you.” 

––Dave Doyle, PMA Professor

Excerpt to describe work example.
Dana Magnus – Eco Conscious MKTG Badass

“I read the first paragraph and almost started to CRY. Seriously. I don’t even need to read the rest to ensure that every single penny I spent on this investment was pure VALUE!!! 

Christina did an incredible job writing my bio after our intensive interview! She is the most talented, amazing, organized, and fantastic writer for the job of a Speaker/ Business Owner Bio. I'm going to refer her to every single one of my clients who want to build an extraordinary brand.

If the world needs to know about YOU, what you do, and why it matters, please let Christina know you are ready for her to package your story up like this!!!”

––Dana Magnus, CEO 

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